Ellen DeGeneres Takes the Ultimate Selfie, Breaking Twitter

During yesterday’s 86th annual Academy Awards there was no shortage of excitement.  Veteran Oscar-host and principal television personality Ellen DeGeneres returned after seven years, creating one of the most entertaining award shows of all time.

Opening the show on the stage and making fun of nominees and actors, such as Jennifer Lawrence’s repeat fall on the red carpet and calling Jared Leto the prettiest audience member, DeGeneres interacted casually with the star-studded audience.  Spending a lot of her time walking up and down the aisles and popping up between stars seated in the audience, Ellen kept the long program humorous and exciting. While she pulled many stunts that amused viewers, participants, and nominees, such as ordering pizza delivery during the event, and giving Bradley Cooper lottery tickets for a consolation prize, her most impressive feat of the night was breaking Twitter.

Ellen DeGeneres vowed to break a record and have the most retweets in history by topping her previous selfie. Aiming to fit as many stars as possible into one picture, and with Cooper in charge of holding the camera, DeGeneres managed to fit several celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, Kevin Spacey, and Lupita Nyong’o in the frame. Retweeted by individuals watching from home, as well as by Good Morning America and other big networks, this selfie surpassed Barack Obama’s re-election tweet, which had only been tweeted about 770,000 times. Within a few minutes of posting, Ellen’s tweeted picture was the first tweet in history to break 1,000,000 retweets and then hit another milestone surpassing 2,000,0000 retweets later on in the night.

While Ellen tweeted many backstage pictures throughout the entire event, she has now forever marked her place in Twitter history. Not only did she gain the most retweets, but she will undoubtedly be remembered for breaking Twitter during one the most-watched entertainment awards shows of the year.


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