Is Targeted Marketing Entering Mass Media?: Addressable TV

Direct to consumer marketing has become increasingly personalized since the introduction of Google ads and Facebook banners. Based on browsing history, surfers see more of what they want. Despite the growing personalization in online marketing, mass media hasn’t yet capitalized on this trend, but with the introduction of an emerging technology, Addressable TV, this may all change before our eyes.

Addressable TV allows advertisers to target commercials to specific home television sets. The service is specifically targeted at insurance companies and political campaigns, and can help marketers run more efficient campaigns. Broadcast companies are expected to charge a higher per viewer rate for the increased precision afforded to advertisers.

Chauncey McLean, Chief Officer of Analytics Media Group, believes that this enhanced feature will attract advertisers. “Addressable TV is a powerful tool for those that are equipped to use it.  If [they] know who [they] want to talk to and what [they] want to say, [they] can be much more precise”.

The Democratic National Committee employed targeted marketing through direct mail and door-to-door visits during the last gubernatorial campaign, helping Virginia Governor Terry Mcauliffe win that election. The opportunity for targeted TV advertising for political campaigns may emerge as early as the 2016 presidential election.

We can only wonder what the future will bring to political advertising, but as this emerging technology continues to evolve, the marketing implications for TV advertising as a whole are astronomical. While the introduction of this innovation may bring about major changes in election polling, we can only wonder when it will be employed to advertise consumer goods, and if and when it may become too personal and too invasive.


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