The Gamification of Social TV


Viggle is a gamification, loyalty platform for social TV, that is leading the second screen television experience. As users check into their favorite shows or log their music activity, they gain points, achieve different Fandom Levels, and can use points to redeem special rewards and offers from businesses such as Best Buy, Hulu Plus, and Groupon. The platform fosters a community in which users are exposed to new shows, and can see what their friends are watching and listening to as well. Your activity and friends’ activity on Viggle is all aggregated on your activity feed, on which you can compare your activity and points with others in your network. Below is a more in depth look of how Viggleworks:


Viggle is a Manhattan headquartered start up that was launched in 2012 by media entrepreneur, Robert F.X. Sillerman. Its concept and strategy looks promising as Viggle has been progressively expanding its reach. In December 2013, it bought Facebook publisher WetPaint for $30 million. Most recently, Viggle acquired Dijit Media, a company based in San Francisco that runs “NextGuide,” a personalized TV and web programming guide. Vijit’s CEO Jeremy Toeman is excited about the move and merger:

“We have had incredible growth and success since our launch and we’re excited to join with another company that shares our goals – to create a holistic marketing platform for brands and networks, while giving our users content and tools they need to take control of their daily entertainment choices.”

Viggle leverages their social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to announce bonus points opportunities and new rewards. Throughout its short history, Viggle has made impacts on consumer behavior in television tune-in and engagement. Greg Consiglio, President and COO of Viggle explains:

“Not only are our users tuning in to shows we promote but now, our platform is playing a growing role in their viewing experience, including real-time engagement and driving sustained viewing throughout a season.”

Viggle’s reach now extends to 17 million users, a promising indication of the company’s future success and leadership in the second screen and social TV industries.


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