SeeSpace Introduces InAiR

Last month at CES, a new way to watch TV was introduced. InAiR, created by SeeSpace, has the ability to simultaneously place web content on a users TV. This allows users the ability to browse Facebook or Twitter or any other online medium they choose all while watching TV.

“Viewers don’t want to watch TV in isolation any more. They want context: graphics, information and social engagement. Today, there is no easy way to display this content without the second screen,” said Nam Do, co-founder and CEO of SeeSpace. “We had to crack both the design and the technical challenges to deliver InAiR, a completely new kind of viewer interface. InAiR makes use of the entire viewing space in front of the TV, and creates a new medium of combined media like nothing people have interacted with before.”


InAiR is designed to work with any existing TV and the only hardware needed is the InAiR Smart HDMI Adapter (shown in the image above). Once a customer has this hardware, they can easily just plug it into their computer and enjoy InAiR Augmented TV right away.

How does one control it? Simply download the free InAiR app on your smart phone, tablet, or smart watch even, and use your thumbs to swipe and scroll across content on the screen to control it on your TV.  InAiR has the incredible ability to identify relevant information from the web and social media outlets that it can then deliver to the customer’s screen all in real time with their TV viewing.

InAiR will be available to preorder for $99 via a Kickstarter campaign launched last month. With 26 days left to go in their campaign, SeeSpace has already surpassed their funding goal by 107%, showing the high demand for this product.

The InAiR is set to be released in the second half of 2014. For more information on InAiR or SeeSpace visit:


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